What if your own home was making you unhealthy?

We tend to focus on diet and exercise when we think of health. But your environment can heavily impact your health.

You may not have a lot of control over your work environment or the environment in your neighborhood. …

Being persuasive doesn’t come naturally when you’re an introvert. And that makes it hard to get the things you want in life.

For me, trying to persuade someone often makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve always been afraid of making other people feel uneasy by coming across as too pushy. …

Want to change the results in your life?

Know that your beliefs about yourself control your behavior. And your behavior controls your outcomes.

Most of us are held back from our full potential by limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Affirmations and visualisation are often recommended for changing limiting beliefs and creating…

David Canfield

Writer on self development, marketing, advertising and life.

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